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Apr, 2021
Apr, 2021
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Zero Deposit

How Zero Deposit properties get rented out 5X faster.

Renting out your property with Zero Deposit opens it up to a larger pool of quality tenants. You will gain much greater interest from quality tenants, fast.

It means that tenants will not have to pay for the traditional 2+1 deposits or in fact any deposit before moving into a rental unit. All units registered under SPEEDRENT comply with our Zero Deposit policy. This means that they only have to pay for the first month rental 10% yearly per month.

Partnered with Phutthatham Insurance, landlords’ properties are protected, property damage and more during the rental period. Zero Deposit also enables the rental market to open up to a larger pool of quality tenants. Their properties can get rented out 5X faster.

Speed Rent

We make sure you get the right tenant and a worry-free rental experience.

Landlord can choose to pay for the Insurance Fee upon successfully rented out the property.

On-Time Rental is a feature that allows you to get your rental income on time during the entire tenancy period.

This insurance policy is applicable for any unit rental from B9,000 to B50,000 only.

SPEED RENT is an online property platform connecting landlords and tenants to rent direct. SPEED RENT provides landlords up to 20x better protection than the traditional deposit and helps them find tenants 5x faster. By providing Zero Deposit home rental, landlords gain much greater interest from quality tenants, fast.

To ensure that you get good quality paymasters only, SPEED RENT runs industry-leading Zero Deposit Eligibility checks on your potential tenant, using Experian. We reject up to 30% of tenants to reduce your risk. During your rental period, to provide full peace of mind, our insurance will protect you up to 300,000 to 500,000 THB, property damage and more. You have maximum protection while maximizing speed to lease out.

To ensure that you get good quality paymasters only, we run industry-leading Zero Deposit Eligibility checks on your potential tenant, using Experian. We reject up to 30% of tenants to reduce your risk.

Tenants must provide relevant financial documents which our experienced team will review to further protect our renters interest and safety.

With over 1268 new successful deals just in this half year alone, we can tell that both landlords and tenants are happy with our services and the Zero Deposit policy as it gives a win-win solution to both parties. Partnered with Phutthatham Insurance, SPEED RENT provides an accessible and secure home rental platform for landlords and tenants.

Servquest was founded by a team of award-winning real estate investors, property managers, hospitality professionals, and marketing experts with over 20 years of collective experience, with a mission to help property owners simplify, streamline and automate property management.

Our property management system allows condo owners to virtully manage multiple rental properties and track their ROI via our user-friendly mobile application.

Our Accolades:

  • Awards from trusted property and hospitality organizations
  • BOI Certficate
  • 200k YouTube followers
  • Various successful property portfolios


First, we take into considertion the landlord's investment goals and perform a thorough analysis of the market to determine the best rental price.

Then we'll take high-quality photos and videos of your property with our proven strategies that will attract high-quality tenants.

Each potential tenant will be screened via our dialed-in tenant screening matrix. After approval, our in-house attorney will execute a lease.

Once we've secured you a high quality tenant, we'll deal with all the hassles of owning an investment property, such as rent collection, maintenance, inspections, and lease renewals, while you track the progress of your property in real-time via the ServQuest smartphone application.


We make sure monthly rent is paid in full and on-time.

We offer you and your tenant 24/7 access to maintenance and concierge services to keep your tenants happy, and to ensure that your property is well-maintained.

We'll protect you first. Our app comes with the smart door-lock and spot check features to ensure you have full control of your property.

We are proudly backed by Puththatham Insurance Co. Ltd. to minimize any potential losses caused by any uncontrollable factors.

During our 20 years working in real estate, we found that there are certain recurring pain points that have led to financial losses for overseas property owners residing abroad.

Our property management system was created to prevent issues that lead to evictions or runaways, such as late rental payments, nonpayments, property damage, negligent tenants. Should any of those issues occur, we will deal with any evictions AND get you a new tenant within 3 months.

Our Partner